Copper Mine – DRC Phase 4

Is an open-pit copper cobalt mine in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. After completion of phase 2 and 3, our software engineers secured the sub-contract in 2011 to continue with Phase 4 expansion control system and to provide Siemens PCS7 v7.4 engineering services using existing standards from Phase 2/3 implementation. The system comprised of the various stations as per the system architecture below and consisted of 1800 remote I/Os, 700 devices (VSDs and simocodes) and various vendor system interfaces on profibus. This project was successfully completed in 2013 over a period of two (2) years.

System Architecture:

Scope of Engineering Services:

  • Installation and configuration of all AS and OS stations.
  • Setup and configuration of a granular type multi-project environment.
  • PLC and Scada software development as defined by the Process functional specifications.
  • Factory acceptance testing of the various OS/AS stations, MCCs and software.
  • Provide excel worksheets derived from Process Object View to allow quick and easy software implementation of signals from remote IO stations into their respective PLCs.
  • Audit and certify profibus networks.
  • Assisted with Siemens MM440 VSD parameterization.
  • Assisted with Simocode Pro v setup and configurations.
  • Commissioning assistance when required.
  • Provide remote system support services.

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